Social and Economic Impact Assessment

Hamilton SierraCon has extensive experience in providing survey teams to engage with communities to gather high quality socio-economic baseline information. Based on the project design and prevailing policy and socio-economic conditions, we assess the nature, magnitude and significance of project-related social impacts and opportunities. We provide a clearly structured and transparent assessment – weighing impacts according to their probability; magnitude; timing and duration; the groups most likely affected; geographical scope; and potential for cumulative or cross-boundary effects.

Social and Economic Impacts Assessment is undertaken not just to provide a snapshot of current conditions or to gain project approval - it is the basis for adaptive management strategies designed to ensure effective impact management and stakeholder engagement throughout the life of the project. Our social impact management planning includes clearly defined and prioritised actions; communications strategies; performance indicators; impact monitoring processes; and identification of project organizational capacities, staff, data management and training needs.

We provide specific services in undertaking agricultural impact assessments for proposed projects located in rural settings.

Stakeholder Engagement and Community Consultation

Hamilton SierraCon provides a range of best practice stakeholder engagement and community consultation services, reflecting the specific project needs and the rights, interests and concerns of project stakeholders and local communities. Our work is in line with recommended practices of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). We assist with the application of four key principles of effective engagement:

  • Be proactive – engage with stakeholders as early as possible to identify potential problems and find solutions
  • Build relationships – stakeholder trust requires a long-term, continuing investment in communications and confidence-building
  • Tailor engagement to the scale and nature of the project – design engagement strategies to reflect the nature and significance of project impacts and be prepared to adapt those strategies as the project develops or changes over time
  • Integrate engagement into project operations – define clear management goals, responsibilities and resources, and measure performance against project objectives.

Resettlement and Social Programs

Hamilton SierraCon provides world’s best practice community resettlement and land access services working with project managers and communities to negotiate land access and resettlement in ways which are responsible, sustainable and secure affected populations’ future livelihoods and development needs. We offer extensive experience in applying international standards to local project conditions to achieve a successful resettlement program. This includes the preparation of robust Resettlement Policy Frameworks and rigorous Resettlement Action Plans. A typical resettlement goal is to secure long-term project land access while addressing economic and physical displacement impacts and enhancing the project’s development impact by improving the quality of life of project-affected persons.

Key components of our resettlement work includes socio-economic baseline data collection and analysis, legal review, livelihood restoration, community and stakeholder engagement, resettlement housing, infrastructure and services assessment, capacity development for community-based organizations and government agencies and establishment of effective grievance and conflict resolution processes.

Other Specific Services

Hamilton SierraCon also undertakes other tailored studies to address specific client requirements, including:

  • Preparing business cases, funding proposals and grant applications
  • Undertaking public policy review and development, informed by stakeholder engagement
  • Providing project management services
  • Undertaking program evaluation and monitoring, audit and review.